Upcoming workshop for educators • TBC in November •

In a relatively short period, data mining and algorithmic manipulation for various purposes have increased. The initial reactions regarding the potential of macro data (Big Data) connected to Artificial Intelligence as a generation of new technological developments, innovation, and work were very enthusiastic. In addition, a movement related to open data (Open Data) as an empowering and democratic form of open knowledge also evolved and strengthened. However, the massiveness, the extractive procedures, little regulation about the users’ privacy, and the algorithmic biases and their impact on vulnerable groups have given rise to a great debate concerning how to face and establish interventions to find new balances between data and society.  Educators have been called to action in this context. The educational proposals accompanied the waves of enthusiasm and caution. Training approaches focused on technical and data science training to ‘hack’ the existing wealth of data, particularly open data. They then started developing resources and activities to promote a critical approach to data. It is then time to think about specific interventions that guide reflection on the complexity of the phenomenon of data in society and help us to act, to develop agency in terms of our human interaction with data-driven infrastructures and systems.

This workshop introduces a space for such reflection, based on our work at the project  “Understanding data: praxis and politics”. We will use an open educational resource created within the project with other educators and researchers. During the session, we offer opportunities to comment on the structure and materials offered. Hence, we will work in groups on the design of pedagogical activities in relation to three main themes: a) science and open data; b) datification and data justice c) the use of data in the pedagogical context.

Join us the 26-10-21 at 17:30 CET

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