Tangaza University, Nairobi

For this chapter, the project is working with Dr Judith Pete at Tangaza University College in Nairobi. We will be working with her students and two other educators. One of the modules in which we are embedding the critical data literacy lessons is Change Management, where Judith is the coordinator. The aim of the module is to endow the learners with concepts, knowledge, principles, techniques and strategies of effective change management as an applied area in modern organizations in order to attain maximum performance and sustainable organization in the modern environment.
This module lends itself to include knowledge about open data for social innovation, in particular, to address the SDGs. In the last decade, interest in smart farming has been growing as there is enormous potential for smallholder farmers to improve their yields and farming more generally, through the use of open data and ICT. It is in this context that we think including knowledge and skills to be able to understand what is the value of open data for agriculture is worthwhile exploring but also what are the most pressing issues around the lack of data that is relevant for smallholder farmers. What are the politics around open data? Who is included in those sets and who is excluded? Who owns the data and for what purpose?

The lessons we have chosen to focus on will be open data for social impact and open innovation which is part of an overarching critical data studies programme.

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Workshop for educators: Open data for empowerment

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