Episode 1: Open data for social innovation

Join us in our podcast series with international experts in the field of open data and critical data literacy.

In this episode, I am joined by David Selassie Opoku, an inspiring human being who is an open data guru with a breadth of experience having worked in 30 countries across 5 continents. He has been part of the Open Knowledge Foundation and the Open Contracting Partnership, among many other jobs he has had in his professional life. David is a passioned farmer and community builder who is finding ways to combine the technology, the knowledge and experience of the farmer to create sustainable and high-quality farming. David is very keen to explore how to bridge the gap between the cutting edge technology and the so valuable lived experience of the farmer. He believes that farming is art and science, and I couldn’t agree more with him.

Join me to explore this so interesting world that David opens up for us, here at Understanding Data: Praxis and Politics.

I leave you here the links to some of the initiatives David is engaged at the moment.

  • He is currently a Practitioner Fellow, Digital Civil Society Lab, Stanford centre on philanthropy and civil society, where he is working on democratising knowledge and innovation in smallholder farming.
  • David on Twitter
  • The story of how and why David quit his full-time job and went back to Ghana to join his dad in the Growing Gold Farm
  • Growing Gold Farm on Instagram to see more about his family and the broader community project of sustainable and smart farming.

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